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Lotto Integration APIs

If you would like to integrate our lottery into a web site, chat bot, or other application we offer several options for working with the site.

Each currency has an API endpoint of it's own, and you can use the same requests for each lottery by simply replacing the currency code in the URL.<Currency Code>/utility.php

Jackpot Banner Images

We offer a jackpot banner API which allows you to insert the current jackpot for each of our lotteries into your HTML or other code.

Jackpot images are accessed by sending a "jackpot" parameter in the request URL.

Sample Image Request:<CURRENCY_CODE>/utility.php?jackpot

Sample Image:
Bottle Caps Jackpot

Lotto Ticker Data

This ticker API returns a JSON object with the following properties:

Sample Ticker Request:

Lotto Reservations

The reservations API verifies that a valid address for the currency was provided, and if so returns a reservation address that can be used to purchase tickets.

Sample Reservation Request:<payout_address>

The <payout_address> should be replaced with the address the user wants any winnings sent to.